Grassland "Dreamers"

Last month, I was asked to take part in a project with Grassland String Band at John Keane Studios, in Athens, Georgia.

John has worked with the likes of Widespread Panic, The Indigo Girls, plus many other influential Georgia artists, and really encouraged our creative process, during production.

"Dreamers" took just over a day to produce and was a great experience. I had such a great time with the guys in the band as well as the church choir that was brought in at the end of production.

I will also be singing with the band for a limited line-up of shows, this summer, as they showcase their newest music. 

This track is a song with a moving message, reminding us to remember where we started, especially now given our country's current state of affairs. With the release of this track, I hope to promote kindness for man-kind and believe you should too. Download "Dreamers", today, on iTunes and all other major music outlets! 

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